Live4Lane Scholarship Fund

Current 2024 Scholarship Total: $2,200 | Goal $3,600 


Dominion High School Students

Are you a mental health advocate? 

Are you interested in pursuing a future in the field of mental health? 

The Live4Lane scholarship in honor of Lane Michael Burrows will be awarded to several students in the Dominion High School class of 2024. Each scholarship amounts will be determined at a later date based on donations received. The scholarships will contribute to selected students’ future education and involvement in the field of mental health.

The Live4Lane scholarship aims to support students who exhibit an interest in raising awareness around mental health. These students embody the core value of the Live4Lane scholarship fund: mental health awareness through education. Students with a passion for mental health awareness or students who wish to pursue further studies in mental health are invited to apply. 

Scholarship Value: TBD (Based on Doniations) 

Awards Available: 1

Application Deadline: Sunday, February 4, 2024

Scholarship awarded at Senior Awards Ceremony

Who is eligible? 

2024 Senior Dominion High School Students. 

Application Requirements:  L4L Application Form PDF

Part 1) What is your role in mental health? (500-word limit)

Part 2) How will you use the scholarship to advance your role in mental health? (500-word limit)

Part 3) Create a mental health resource and an accompanying paragraph (300-word limit) to describe the resource. 

Some resource ideas include: