Lane Michael Burrows

The Live4Lane Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Lane Michael Burrows. 

Lane’s legacy is friendship, kindness, and living life to its fullest. He was a beloved student in the class of 2023 who played as a lineman on our Dominion High School Football team. He wore #63. Lane was a friend and always reached out to those who needed it the most. We lost Lane tragically in 2019, after his battle with mental illness. 

Our vision is to promote mental health awareness through education. We believe knowledge is the key to understanding and accepting that mental health is health. Education will provide knowledge of mental illness to reduce stigma, create acceptance, and increase resources within our community.

Mental health education is vital in providing help, hope, and support to our community. 

Together, we can end the stigma surrounding mental illness.


The Live4Lane Fund awarded three scholarships to the class of 2023 in Lane’s honor. 

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